Sex In The Struggle


Sex In The Struggle Live!

Social Healing Through Sexual Healing!
 What happens when you combine unscripted, deep dialogue laced with delectable displays of human desire and devotion, expressed by some of the most entertaining, well-educated and experienced social and sexual advocates on the same stage at the same time?

Sex In The Struggle - Live!

Inspired by Marvin Gaye

I created Sex In The Struggle in memory of my parents and out of respect for one of my favorite artists Marvin Gaye. At age 12, I listened as my father shot and killed my mother in June 1978. On the night of this horrible event, I was listening to the powerful lyrics of Marvin Gaye. I have tremendous respect for Marvin's respect for both social advocacy and sexual intimacy. In one song he asks "What's Going On?" In the next song he says "Let's Get It On."  - Ulysses "Butch" Slaughter
  1. Tazima Davis
    Tazima Davis
    Coach, Sex Nerd
  2. Elicia Gonzales
    Elicia Gonzales
    Sex Positive Chingona
  3. Mark Levand
    Mark Levand
    Sex Ed and Research
  4. Tony Rullo
    Tony Rullo
    Orgasm Student
God IS Sex
On November 19, 2017, this team - along with others - will bring the heat to our stage as they talk God AND Sex. Be there!
Come explore infinite intimacy possibilities with Sex In The Struggle "God IS Sex" as we re-imagine taboo topics such as masturbation, fornication, open marriages, same sex relationships and much more. Treat yourself to new truth!

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Coming to the Stage! Starting top left: Tazima Davis, Chi-town Sex Geek. Elicia Gonzales, Sex Positive Chingona. Tony Rullo, Aussie Orgasm Practitioner. Mark Levand, Sex researcher and educator.
  1. Betsy Crane
    Betsy Crane
    Human Sexuality Educator
  2. Jules Purnell
    Jules Purnell
    Intersectionality guide
  3. Eric Grimes
    Eric Grimes
    Activist, Radio Host
  4. Rev. Beverly Dale
    Rev. Beverly Dale
    Sex and Spirituality Teacher
Let's Get It On!
On September 16, 2017, Sex In The Struggle premiered at The MJ Freed Theater in Chester, PA with incredible stage guests.
Sex In The Struggle: Let's Get It On featured Dr. Betsy Crane, Jules Purnell, Rev. Beverly Dale and Eric "Brother Shomari" Grimes